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Axis Deer/Chital Deer/Spotted Deer


The  Axis  Deer is also referred to as the Chital  Deer . Chital means “spotted” in Hindi.  A   language   spoken across much of India, so Chital Deer also they call Spotted   Deer. It has a unique characteristic which is that the white spots of the young don’t disappear. Spotted Deer unlike many species, keep their spots for life. The spotted coat may help camouflage these small deer when they are lying or grazing in sun-dappled forest shade. Its coat has shining Rufus-fawn colour with bright white spots all over the body and hardly changes colour even in summers. They speckled look of them is very beautiful and it has white without spotted down the legs.

The head is a slightly lighter shade of golden brown than the body and the eyes are surrounded by a ring of paler furs. Males have black facial markings. They have a very long muzzle and a dark black nose at the end of it.  They can range in weight   from   60   pounds to  about 170 pounds depending on the area where they live. They are herbivores and feed on various type grasses, herbs, shrubs, leaves,    fruits   and branches of trees. The diet for the Spotted Deer consists of grass and shoots. They prefer to consume grass that is less than four inches tall. While they do prefer green grass when it is readily available they will also consume brown grass when they must in order to survive. They also eat shed antlers as a source of nutrients and will use mineral licks. They also stay close to sources of water. Due to the design of their hooves they don’t do well walking on rugged terrain so they do their best to avoid it.

The Spotted Deer habitat always they prefer dense deciduous forests, semi-evergreen forests and open grasslands. They also prefer heavy forest cover for shade. The highest numbers of spotted  deer’s   are found in the forests of India. Spotted deer is a social animal. They community occur in herds of 6 to 30, which may contain 2 or 3 stags.  In many areas very big herds sometimes numbering hundreds have been seen together. They breed throughout the year but peak in April to August. Sexually active males follow these groups during the mating season while less active males from bachelor herds. Approximately 225 days after mating the female will usually give birth to a single young, sometimes 2 fawns are born, after a gestation period of 7 to 8 months. This can occur any time between early January and end of April. They will drink milk from the mother until they are several months of age even they are mature, the young will often stay very close to the mother.

Here’s a little info related to the Spotted Deer. It is a kind of animals that live in herds and very good in the social and has a unique characteristic. As a human who loves animals and the beauty of nature let us together take care of God’s creation from the extinct for the our next generation.

Thank you.