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The sanctuary is approachable only by road and is 95km from Palakkad (Kerala state) and about 100km away from Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu state). The nearest town is Pollachi (Tamil Nadu), which is 39km away. As of now the only road leading to the sanctuary is the Ambrampalayam-Parambikulam road passing through places in Tamil Nadu viz., Anamalai, Vettaikaranpudur and Sethumadai including (Top Slip) Indira Gandhi Wildlife sanctuary and National Park.

There is no road directly connecting Parambikulam with the rest of Kerala without having to pass through Tamil Nadu.

From Palakkad (Kerala) - 100 km

From Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) - 84 km

From Pollachi (Tamil Nadu) - 38 km

Primary Health Centre, Parambikulam - 0 km

Private Poly Clinics, Vettaikaranputhur - 23 km

From Pollachi 6.15 am & 3.15 pm

Parambikulam to Pollachi 8.45 am & 5.45pm

Pollachi to Topslip 11.20 am
(distance between Topslip & Parambikulam Office Head Quarter – 4 Km)

Topslip to Pollachi 1.00 pm